Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Booktango Project: Allies and Enemies Book One

Look for Allies and Enemies: Book One to hit the metaphysical shelves later this year by virtue of Free E-book Publishing Online - Booktango!

Hard Luck Hank

I think I've uncovered a little gem here, the Hard Luck Hank series by Steven Campbell. With some lovely dry humor, explosions and a henchman-turned hero for a protagonist, Campbell has delivered an incredibly entertaining read. Anyone who is a fan of Hitchhiker's would definitely get a kick out of Hard Luck Hank: Screw the Galaxy or the follow up Basketful of Crap. (I just love the titles!) An more recent addition, Hard Luck Hank: Early Years was published earlier this month. Check it out at Amazon.com! I know I will.

Cover Art for Allies and Enemies Book One!

Allies and Enemies: Book One - original art by Alex Winkler

Cover Art for Allies and Enemies Book One has arrived!

Check out this beautiful piece of work by the very talented, Alex Winkler. This moody little masterpiece is for Book One of the Allies and Enemies Trilogy. Well done, Alex! 

Watch for the final draft of the cover layout shortly.