Book Review: Emperor's Edge by Lindsay Buroker

This past week I finished reading a steam punk novel (didn't even know that genre existed) called Emperor's Edge by indie author Lindsay Buroker. It's the first in a series that I'm really behind the times in learning about. The book came out in 2010. I think I was still in nursing school at the time or recovering from it which is an excuse to miss just about anything.

So, I downloaded the free ebook after hearing it mentioned so much during Ms. Buroker's SFF Marketing podast that I discovered a few months ago and no listen to religiously. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. And there is much fuss to be about-ed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. In fact, I immediately put a review up on Amazon and GoodReads because I liked it so much. That's some testimony there.

Here's why: It's absurdly well written. The characters are vivid. There's some really seamless world-building going on. It's not overtly screaming steampunk, it's more of an infereance that I really appreciate. Loved the female MC who is a neat freak (like me yay!) that has foot-in-mouth syndrome (like me...yay?) who uses her brain and isn't afraid of handing out a little ass-whooping from time to time. Nice!

I would say that it's one of those stories that definitely is a set up for the series. Which is totally OK. I halfway wish that Syfy channel will try to pick it up to make a series or film out of it, but Syfy tends to do very very bad things to stories that I love. Besides, they might put wrestlers in there.

Anyway, loved the book. And I'll be picking up the second in the series here soon.

Check it out on Amazon.