Book Review: The Long Way Home (Sequoyah Book 1) by Sabrina Chase

Book Review: The Long Way Home (Sequoyah Book 1) by Sabrina Chase

Where has this been? How did I not know about this book?!

I loved every page and could not stop reading it. I was easily addicted… addicted, I tell you!

*Deep breath*

The Long Way Home has been out since 2012. So, I’m a little behind the times. It’s the first in the three part Sequoyah series by the elusive Sabrina Chase. (I say elusive because her website doesn’t seem to get updated that frequently and there’s not a great deal of social media activity that I can discern. So I’m going with elusive.)

It tells the story of NASA astronaut, Moira Cameron, displaced by about 80 years in the future. She’s got a very important secret that an evil corporation is willing to kill for. And wait that’s not all—humanity is in an interstellar war with an alien species, there’s no such thing as NASA anymore, and the best way she can manage to blend in is taking up with a bunch of mercenaries.

The narrative launches you right into the story. There’s no bulky exposition. The clues about the protagonist—her past, her secret—are fed out in tasty little bites. You’re driven along just as Moire is, forced to play along while you sort things out. That alone is a huge reason to love this book.

The world-building is top-notch, with a heavy homage paid to the “raggedly edge” of Firefly. The characters are painted in vivid, loving detail. Even the baddies are fascinating in their own evil way.

Before you know it the story’s over and you’re begging for more. Thankfully, there are two more books in the series.

Check out this book on Amazon. You will not be disappointed.