Book Review: Homecoming by Jeff Favreau

Book Review - Homecoming by Jeff Favreau

The follow up installment to Break Away, Homecoming continues the journey of the protagonist, cop-turned-survivor, Rose, and her partner, Jamie, through the wasted New England landscape following a devastating outbreak. The book opens with an intriguing hook and the action unfolds from there. A recurring theme throughout the book is a comparison of survivor-on-survivor brutality vs. the very vicious threat of the “infected”—humans reduced to fierce monsters.

The protagonists are women you really want to cheer on—and not just for their great taste in rock music—as they face everything from senseless killing to the specter of cannibalism. As the story unfolds a new twist in the threat level of the infected raises the stakes and keeps the tension going. And there’s even the reappearance of certain villain from the first book. This is hard to comment on further without spilling some major spoilage here!

With shades of Wayward Pines and (the film version of) I Am Legend, Homecoming delivers a new perspective in the “zombie” that’s a fast read and sure to please any fan of the genre.