Thursday, January 14, 2016

And the Winners are...

Three people I've never met before.

The Goodreads giveaway for signed copies for the paperback version of Allies and Enemies: Fallen finished yesterday. Three very nice folks that don't know what they're getting themselves into will be getting their books soon in the mail. My suggestion to them is that this book-like item can also be used as a coaster and is excellent at killing spiders and other appropriately sized forms of insect life. It's also hefty enough to throw at people that talk on cell phones in the movies.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway!

This weekeend I'm at a con where Scalzi is an author GOH. I'll be attending his panels, making faces at him behind his back and muttering sarcastic comments under my breath in response to anything he says during panels.

Here's something else that makes me happy: