Book Review: The Ghost and the Railway by A. C. Hutchinson

Book Review – The Ghost and the Railway – A.C. Hutchinson

Hutchinson is an indie author with a strong voice and compelling style. The solid, vivid prose made an instant connection for me as a reader. One of the challenges an author faces (or at least in my experience) is allowing the narrative to unfold in such a way that makes the reader unaware they have been transported into the fictional life of another. This author makes that challenge seem effortless. 

The Ghost and the Railway was hard to me to define in sense of genre as it seems to bridge the intersection of crime novel and supernatural thriller. But it connects with the reader on an visceral level that enriches the experience to the very end.

It was a great pleasure to read this book and I look forward to seeing more from Hutchinson. In fact, there's a great piece of short fiction: Be Careful What You Wish For.

Hmmm... wonder if I should take that to heart? :)