Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Second revision completed! Yay! Now the sucky part starts.

I am very pleased to share with you the happy news that I have just completed the second round of edits to the manuscript. I'm now ready for some beta readers to give the story a whirl. Since you have last heard from me, there have been some very interesting developments (and not just within the story). 

First of all, to avoid confusion with other novels out there with a similar name, the first book of the series will be called Allies and Enemies: Fallen, instead of book one. The second little bit of news it this: my editor has convinced me to try the "traditional route" of submitting query letters to a few dozen or so literary agents to see if there is any interest in having a publisher pick up the series. 

As you might imagine, I was conflicted about this initially. A major motive I had in starting the Kickstarter was to get my act together to publish the series as ebooks in an independent endeavor. The literary agent route would be filled with rejection and grief-- a little walk through the dark side (like when Luke had to go in that creepy cave on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back... but worse and with less snakes).

The literary agent-to-publisher system is purposefully set up to deter new writers and break their will. So, knowing this, why do I still want to subject myself to that? Because, quite simply, a) I can be quite stubborn, and, b) I would kick myself if I did not at least try.

What does that mean really to anyone who cares? A delay of perhaps two months in receiving your ebook and perhaps a colorful story or two about regret on my end. So everyone wins, right? Yay.

Fingers crossed.